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Saturday September 22nd

Merlin Theatre,  Nether Edge


In Someone Else's Shoes

As part of the Nether Edge Festival 2018,
we're performing our latest version of 'In Someone Else's Shoes'.

We formed in Spring 2016, and together devised this play about Autism, which we’ve performed at a variety of venues to a range of audiences.

Since then, the group, and the play, have expanded

We’ve developed the original script, which we devised using the experiences of group members and material from the internet, now adding new sections which specifically address issues to do with girls and women on the spectrum, and the experience of the parents of children with Autism.   

These additional sections were influenced by the work of five third-year medical students who worked with us in November / December 2017 as part of their ‘Social Accountability’ project.  

 They interviewed women and parents and their words and experiences prompted the devising of these new sections.

Our 45 minute play has become 70 minutes!

Spectrum Theatre, Sheffield

Registered charity number 1166807