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From now into the Spring, we’ll be working on the material about Autism supplied by our group of medical students (our ‘Medicrew’), whose involvement with us is described below.

We’ll be touring this newly devised theatre work alongside, or as part of, “In Someone Else’s Shoes”.

Further detail will follow during 2018!

Our ‘Medicrew’

The ‘Medicrew’ are five third-year medical students at Sheffield University, who agreed to join our cast for “A Christmas Carol” as part of their ‘Social accountability’ project (*), and more importantly perhaps, conduct research into the two aspects of Autism - interviewing women diagnosed on the Spectrum and parents of children on the Spectrum - and these recorded stories, experiences and opinions will help provide inspiration and material for our future work.

 (*) For more information about the Medical School’s Social Accountability unit,
       google: doctors-of–future-transform-lives. It’s impressive!

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