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Saturday 22nd September 2018    7:30pm

the Merlin Theatre,  Sheffield

Spectrum Theatre, Sheffield presented their new version of  

In Someone Else's Shoes

Previous performance

We thoroughly enjoyed the performance of our new play at the Merlin Theatre in Sheffield, which includes new sections to specifically address issues to do with girls and women on the spectrum, and the experience of the parents of children with Autism.

We performed to a full audience.

Their reaction to the performance was enthusiastic and very satisfying, including their active participation as part of the Q&A session afterwards, hosted by Paulette Edwards of Radio Sheffield.

    " ... that has resolved so many things about Autism that I hadn't realised, and putting them in the context of a play, ... that was really fantastic to watch" 

Above is a link to a sample of photos from the dress rehearsal at the Merlin.

Spectrum Theatre, Sheffield

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