" Empathy is ....


 seeing with the eyes of another,


 listening with the ears of another

 and feeling with the heart of another."

"Before you start to judge me,

step into my shoes and walk the life I'm


living and if you get as far as I have, just


maybe you will see how strong I really am"


In Someone Else’s Shoes’

1 in 100 people in the U.K. are diagnosed as being on the Autistic Spectrum. That's 6,000 people in Sheffield. Let's suppose they each have 5 close family members - that's at least  30,000 people in Sheffield who live with, or side-by-side with, this condition.

So - what is it? How does it affect those on the Spectrum? And what questions does it ask of so-called 'normal' people - whatever that means?!

Our first piece of theatre is our aims in action. Although we will create theatre not specifically about autism, this 45 minute piece will become our ‘signature’ production. It’s a show designed to travel. We can perform it almost anywhere.


What next?

As a result of the performance of ’Shoes’ at the Library Theatre Sheffield, our next performance will be at the University Drama Studio, commissioned by University of Sheffield's Medical School.
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After that, as the group and its resources continue to grow, we will develop more productions and activities.

Live Performance at the Library Theatre, March 29th 2017

WE SOLD OUT!     The audience reaction to the play was great.   Here's a sample of their comments:

" What an absolutely outstanding piece. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute, from the stories, to the cast, to the symbolism and examples, a very moving and inspirational performance. "

" It was such a fabulous play and great to do the Q&A afterwards.  So, so glad I came."

" I was unsure how an adult with Asperger's Syndrome would feel about it, but they loved it! "

" The question and answer session was really interesting - at times moving - and certainly confirmed the audience's reaction to the play."


School Performances in 2017

In March 2017, we performed to a total of 360 Year 10 & 11 students in both High Storrs and King Edwards  Secondary Schools.
Here are some of the students comments.


" It shows that being different is great and that we shouldn't be defined by the labels given to us.  You really can put yourself in other people's shoes."

" The play really opened my eyes. "

" What fabulous performances... just brilliant and powerful.  Loved it!! "  (Eileen Hetherington, Head of PHSE, High Storrs School)

" ... it is difficult to grasp the concept of autism and its effects, so to have people who themselves are on the spectrum spell it all out for us was a privilege."

Comments from our first two audiences at the Merlin Theatre and High Storrs School (in 2016)

" Accomplished and moving, it gives us a sensitive understanding of the autistic spectrum ... ""

" The personal testimonials give particular insight into the condition. "

" Fantastic! ... it should go into every secondary school in Sheffield."

" I knew very little about autism, but after this, I know a lot more. "

" ... very emotional. It really made you feel you were in someone else's shoes! "

" Brilliant, just brilliant! "

" It was really powerful having people with autism in it. "

" The balance between serious and funny scenes was very good. "

" It was brilliant. It really showed people what it is like to have autism in a way they can understand. "


" It had a refreshing honesty. "

" The cast is so diverse, with first-hand experience that gives an authenticity that cannot be gleaned from websites, or articles ... that said, the professionalism of the company was exemplary. " (Carl Jeffrey, Emma Hoey, High Storrs Performance Arts Dept.)

" I would recommend Spectrum Theatre to schools.  Our students thoroughly enjoyed the piece ... (and) created their own work as a direct response to the play. "  (Claire Pender, Asst. Head, High Storrs School)

Spectrum Theatre, Sheffield

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