Photo's from Jonathan Siberry 


" Empathy is ....


   seeing with the eyes of another,


   listening with the ears of another



  feeling with the heart of another."

"Before you start to judge me,

     step into my shoes 


     walk the life I'm living

         if you get as far as I have,

 just maybe

      you will see
          how strong I really am"


In Someone Else’s Shoes’

1 in 100 people in the U.K. are diagnosed as being on the Autistic Spectrum. That's 6,000 people in Sheffield. Let's suppose they each have 5 close family members - that's at least  30,000 people in Sheffield who live with, or side-by-side with, this condition.

So - what is it? How does it affect those on the Spectrum? And what questions does it ask of so-called 'normal' people - whatever that means?!

It started as a play about autism and has become as much a play about difference and how we all cope with that!  

Originally 45 minutes long, its gained another 20 as we explore the issues of women on the spectrum and the experiences parents of children on the spectrum.

It’s a production designed to travel so we can perform it almost anywhere.


Audience comments, from a variety of venues

" What an absolutely outstanding piece. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute, from the stories, to the cast, to the symbolism and examples, a very moving and inspirational performance. "

" The personal testimonials give particular insight into the condition. "

" I knew very little about autism, but after this, I know a lot more. "

" The balance between the serious and funny is great. "

" It was really powerful having people with autism in it. "

Spectrum Theatre, Sheffield

Registered charity number 1166807