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In December 2017 we mounted our first full-length production, our adaptation of ‘A Christmas Carol’, set in Sheffield 2017, at the Library Theatre.

We were delighted with the reaction of three sell-out audiences, and so feel encouraged for this coming December, when we are planning on a new musical, set in Sheffield 1922, in the world of the cutlery trade.

 ‘Sterling Silver’
tells the story of Daniel (the boss’s son) and Lizzie (a buffer girl)

It’s a development of a play of the same name that Andy Gardiner wrote in 2011 and was performed by Freeman College drama at the Montgomery Theatre.  
It's been rewritten as a musical and has 9 new songs.
We will be selling tickets through Sheffield Theatres website, and our own will carry all the information you need.  We’d love to see you there, at the Library Theatre on December 10th, 11thor 12th in 2018.

Further detail will follow later in the year!

Spectrum Theatre, Sheffield

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