Spectrum Theatre, Sheffield is ...

... a theatre group, formed in 2016. Together, its members have a range of experience of the autistic spectrum and of theatre work.
It’s  ‘integrated’ – some members are on the spectrum, some aren’t, some are younger, some are older, some very experienced in theatre, some less so. 
It’s a charitable organisation – all its members are volunteers.


What we aim to do.

Our charitable aims are:

  •  to provide performance arts opportunities for young people and others on the autistic spectrum, as part of integrated groups.

  •  through performing to a variety of audiences in a variety of venues, to help more and more people understand the spectrum and appreciate the abilities of those on it.

Who are we?

From an original group of 10, we now number almost 40 people.

The balance of members in terms of those diagnosed on the spectrum, those not, remains at 50/50.

If you are interested in joining us - see the Contacts section.

Working with, and for, other groups

We are keen to work with others.

In the past we have

  • worked with Brantwood  Specialist  School;

  • collaborated with Sparkle Sheffield;

  • hosted two groups of students from Sheffield Medical School on their Social Accountability Unit of work;

  • recruited members from SAPAG (Sheffield Aspergic Parent Action Group);

  • provided a workshop in Mosborough Primary School;

  • provided a staff training evening for two Sheffield Secondary Academies;

  • raised £3000 for Sheffield charities HARC and Roundabout. 


If you'd like to talk to us about some sort of collaboration, please contact us.

Spectrum Theatre, Sheffield

Registered charity number 1166807