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Spectrum Theatre, Sheffield is ...

... a theatre group, formed in 2016. Together, its members have a range of experience of the autistic spectrum and of theatre work. It’s ‘integrated’ – some members are on the spectrum, some aren’t, some are younger, some are older, some very experienced in theatre, some less so. It’s a charitable organisation – all its members are volunteers.​

From an original group of 10, we now have over 40 members.The balance of members in terms of those diagnosed on the spectrum and those not remains at 50/50.

If you are interested in joining us - see the Contact section.​ We are keen to work with others. 

In November 2022, during rehearsals for our 'Sanctuary' production, we decided to initiate the creation of a video to answer the question: 

"What's it like to be a part of Spectrum Theatre?"

   ... and here's that finalised video!

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