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Moving On!
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A lively, energetic and thoughtful look at living with Autism.

‘Moving On’ began life in winter 2020, at the height of the Covid pandemic. Each year since 2017, in a four week period in November/ December, we have been joined by a group of six third year medical students from Sheffield University on a ‘social accountability’ project, part of their third-year course. They perform in the December production and also take on a ‘research’ project for us, gathering material we hope to use in devising a new piece of theatre. We love having them with us and they enjoy, and learn from, the experience. We’re fortunate to have had some stay with us for some time following their placements.

Covid meant that the 2020 group had to do all of their project online, using Zoom. We asked them to interview some of our members so that we could look at the experience of adults on the spectrum. The material they gathered pointed in the direction of the challenge of transition, change, and this theme was taken up, again working initially online, by a small group of our members led by Caroline. In between the ‘you’re on mute!’ and ‘you’ve all frozen!’, the meetings led members of the group to write some short scenes and it’s these that have been adapted to form the script of ‘Moving On’. 

The title is apt.  Lockdown shut down live theatre, and restarting hasn’t been easy. But, we’re up and running, moving on and we’re delighted you’re here with us tonight. 

Performed at the Libarray Theatre Sheffield on 6th July 2022

Photo's will be available on this page soon

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