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   a new Musical written by Andy Gardiner with music by Ben Barker and Andy Gardiner


In 1843, Charles Dickens wrote ‘A Christmas Carol’ to draw attention to a divided society in which the rich prospered and the poor, particularly their children, suffered. 180 years later, there are 20 food banks in this wealthy city of ours.

Christmas 2022, City Road Crematorium and Eloisa Scrooge is the only witness at the funeral of her business partner, Jacob Marley.

​One year later, on Christmas Eve 2023, Scrooge snaps and snipes as she makes his way past carol singers, drinkers, charity collectors and that irritating homeless woman who insists on sitting outside the door of E.S. Property Rental & Loans.  Inside, Bob Cratchit is scraping a living on a zero-hours contract.​ Eloisa hates Christmas. It has not been a good time for her. Tonight, however, everything will change ...

The audience said……

"It was, hands down, the best of Spectrum’s shows I’ve seen.  Heartwarming, clever, funny, poignant, relevant, emotional, spiritual… ."

"Just to say what an amazing, makes you think, production!"

"Incredible performances all round, outstanding solos, bang on politics, razor wit, stunning score and set - a true Christmas feast, including a turkey!"

"Fantastic adaptation with a social conscience- not forgetting loads of Christmas spirit"


"A Christmas Carol" was performed at the University Drama Studio Sheffield in December 2023

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