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STRIKE!   a new Musical written by Andy Gardiner with music by Ben Barker and Andy Gardiner


It’s 1984 and Paul Turner, young journalist, returns to his home, Silverton, a South Yorkshire mining village, a community in the middle of the miners’ strike.   Tensions are running high.   Childhood friends find themselves on opposite sides of the picket lines.   On 18th June, violence erupts at the now famous ‘battle of Orgreave’.

With 8 original songs, ‘Strike!’ has all the warmth and humour of the mining community. The pickets, the police, the politicians and the press, all had their parts to play - and what price the truth?

'Really moving - we were in tears listening to the songs! Absolutely loved it'

'My husband lived near Orgreave and went picketing there. He said it was very realistic'

'We laughed, were moved - we loved it'

Approximate running time 2 hours 30 minutes 

Performed at the Library Theatre Sheffield December 2019

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